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SAP PS (Project System) Hints and Tips

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On one hand, the market demands the development and production of new products  in ever shorter times. On the other hand, companies are forced to reduce the costs for the development of new products by the growing pressure of  competition. Therefore, a process  for research and development projects that is both chronologically and organizationally perfect gains more importance . 

The SAP Project System optimizes the business processes from project planning through to carrying out the project and enables a project progress analysis. You can plan, carry out and control projects in a target-orientated and a business fashion.

Table of Contents
SAP Project System FAQ
Validations in PS
Planned Cost Differs from Actual Cost
Anyway to put checks before setting to TECO?
WBS description doesn´t appear completely in hierarchical
How to settlement auc to asset in PS?
Links to documents stored on the Web
Create network from Sales Order
Updating the current Order cost plan
Multiple Root WBS
Is that possible to use IM to control investment projects and FM to control general costs?
PS Assets under Construction
PS Network Status's & Confirmations