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Question : Subject : PS Assets under Construction

Hello All,

I know that I can maintain the Plant for the WBS Element, what I would like to know is if it is also possible to maintain the Location as well? I've heard that it is not possible but I would like to hear other opinions. Any suggestions? We are on version 4.0B.

I would like to know since the Asset Management people here are asking if it's possible to maintain it in PS or if this can only be done in AM.

MM is not included in this implementation, but we did set up the Plants and Locations.

Happy Holidays!


Reply : Subject : PS Assets under Construction

Yes, you can maintain a location for a WBS element as well. Select WBS element, follow path Details > Orgainsation. This screen has a field called Functional Location, apart from other orgainsation details such as Controlling Area, Company Code, Business Area, Plant, Calender etc.

Hope this helps.


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