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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

IM and FM

Question :

Is that possible to use IM to control investment projects and FM to control general costs?

What is needed to be done in order to avoid conflicts between IM and PS ?

Answer :

Investment Management() IM Module is highly integrated with controlling(CO) , project system(PS), and Asset Management(FI-AA) components.

IF you would like to implement IM & PS you might ask yourself what additional advantages are offered by using IM .

These Include:
1- in PS you can represent the planned and the budgeted values of all projects . using IM you can represent the budgeting process from the organization pointview. IM helps you track of budget amounts that you carry forward for projects that were approved in prior fisical year.

2- Using AR in IM CAN help you decide what budget will be assigned to your organization Unit.
IM Handles Cost Planning & Budget Approval and PS Manages Project Execution with AVAC for the Budget for each project.

Multiple Root WBS

Question :

Can any one tell me in detail of advantages and Dis-advantages of Multiples Root WBS in the project.And one more why do you using the same coding Mask for PD and Root WBS.

I would appreciate in advance.

Answer :

Multiple Root WBSEs helps in budgeting scenarios where these WBSEs are funded from different

sources say a customer project has part scope of R&D (funded by R&D).

You may also want to fund these root WBSEs from IM programs (linking to position IDs.)

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