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Updating the current Order cost plan

Question :

We are in 46C. Starting a project, we establish an Order cost plan. We plan the amount of work (in hours) and specify the work center for each of the activities. For material components, we enter the forecast material costs in the field "Material planning". We see the total and detailed by activity cost plan in CNS41 (Structure overview) in the column "Order cost plan 000".   At some point in time, the project advancement shows that we have to reconsider the original cost  plan, for instance because the actual costs collected so far are much higher than foreseen at start-up. Management decides to change the cost plan 000 to reflect the new forecasted budget.  Management already told that they would like to be able to specify a new total value for the Order cost plan 000 of the activity rather then to play with the amount of work (hours) in the activity. They say it should be something like this (for labor): (actual cost) + (number of hours to do * cost of work center) = order cost plan 000.

What options do we have to modify the "Order cost plan 000"??

Answer :

There is a functionality called cost forecast (transaction CJ9L/CJ9M). I think this is exactly what you require. The forecasted costs are saved in a separate CO version. You could try to display this version in CNS41.

Create network from Sales Order

Question :

We are currently running 4.6C and have implemented SD and PS. The situation is we want to be able to create a network automatically from the sales order during creation.

I've assigned the strategy group 85 to the material master and I've defined the network parameters from sales order (via transaction CN08).

The result...

During creation of the sales order (transaction VA01), the network is created successfully but the components are not transferred to the network. Is it supposed to or not? If so, what additional configuration should I look at?

I'm not very familiar with the standard functionality so I'm hoping someone out there has experience with this topic.

Your time and insight is greatly appreciated,

Answer :

The components in assembly processing remain on the sales order only.

In case you are working with reasonably complex scenario on BOM and procurement, where material items have their own dependencies schedulewise e.g to design, you should put the materials on the network. The best way to accomplish this is to do the BOM allocation (transfer) to activities and have only the invoicing item at sales order.

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