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Question :

Is there a way to create a document (under a project) which refers to a URL and not to a document stored on a content server?

Answer :

Yes you can, but you need define in DMS customizing some points.

1.- Inner "Define Data Carriers" in Define data carrier type external "DMS" a record with this information: TYP = IE, Description = That you want, Check ONLINE and EX, the inside this in Define External DMS create a record with DATACAR = INTERNET, TYP = IE, Description = That you want, Check EX.

2.- Inner "Define Workstation Applications" define an application for web pages without file format, inside this in "Define Workstation applications in network" create records for options 1, 2, 3, the path of location of your navigator in your PC or you can put "%AUTO% iexplore.exe %f".  Then when you create a document in the Original field you can put the URL and in the Data Carrier field put the name that you define in the customizing.

How to settlement auc to asset in PS?

Question :

The cost of project have settled to auc(investment asset), but when the project is finished, in AM or in PS i can't settle auc to asset?

Pls give me some suggestion! Any idea is appreciation!

Answer :

You must set technically complete for your WBS & NW before settle AUC to Assets.

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