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WBS description doesn´t appear completely in hierarchical

Question :

In the hierarchical reports in PS de WBS description is not showed completely. Do you know a way to make this appear completely?

Answer :-

We are on 4.6B and this is what you can do. :-
1) Execute report
2) Expand your results, if necessary
3) Click on any WBS line description
4) Follow the menu path Settings/Characteristic display
5) Choose lead column
6) Move object short description to the value set side of the panel
7) Move object long description to the lead column side of the panel

Save (if you have authorization). Note you can use this procedure for any other object that may show up on the report display. i.e. navigation characteristics change the objects displayed.

Anyway to put checks before setting to TECO?

Question :

Can anyone pl let me know about the followings:
Is there any way to put checks (in the form of tick mark etc) before setting the system status to "TECO"- e.g. some documents are received or not etc.

Answer :

You can set the system status to Technically completed TECO which can be later on withdrawn. The necessary changes are reflected in the system status on saving the Network

With the setup of user statusses (tr. OIBS), you have the ability to disable the 'TECO' as long as a certain user status 'e.g. waiting for documents' is active

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