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Planned Cost Differs from Actual Cost

Question :

I have a problem. I have a standard activity which the price is $1 / hr.   I have created a project in which a activity has a planned hr of qty 1. But my planned cost comes in as '$0.83'.   But when I comfirm my activity, the actual cost comes in as '$1'.

Why is my planned cost differing? What is the cause of the $0.83 instead of $1.  Where can i check and change this.

Answer :

I guess that you use different costing (and valuation) variants. so the system might valuate plan and actuals differently.

Question :

Where and how do i control it?

Answer :

In the network header are two fields: one for the plan costing variant and one for the actual costing variant.

You maintain the costing variants in the customizing: PS -> Costs -> Planned Costs -> Automatic

Costing in Networks -> Costing -> Define Costing Variants. Display the costing variant and jump to the valuation variant. There you find how the determines the costs.

Validations in PS

Question :

I am trying to use validation in the Project.   Can any one tell when are the call up points 110 and 120 trigerred ?

I want to validate one of the user defined fields in WBS.

Everything is working fine when I simulate the validation. But when I enter a value in the user defined field and save the project then I do not get the error message as expected.

Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong ??

Answer :

Please see if you have checked the check box for Automatic validation in the relevant project profile.

Question :

I want to validate the customer number in one of the user fields in WBS.   The formula builder in the validation screen, it seems, does not support table fields other than fields from PRPS.   Can this be done thru some user exits ?? If yes how ?? Can u guide me in this ??

Answer :

To use a user exit in validations, you have to perform following steps;

- copy SAP standard program GGBS002 to ZGGBS002
- create a user exit in this program (such as U902, U903 etc)
- the user exit you defined in the above mentioned program will be visible in validations on screen tab 'Exits'
- configure your validation with 'User exit' as option

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