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Question : Subject : How to tranfer inspection results from material to material?

Hi QM experts,

Inspection results have been recorded for material 'A' batch '1' for inspection type '04'. If we produce material 'B' batch '2' using material 'A' batch '1' as a component (a new process order) is there any way to tranfer inspection results from the previous inspection lot to this new inspection lot?
We face the similar problem during material to material downgrade (regrade) when we have to manually create an inspection lot for the new material and enter all results from the previous lot for the origin material.
your suggestions and comments are welcome


Reply : Subject : How to tranfer inspection results from material to material?


The only I know is that if create a cutting order, the new batch inherit all the batch values the original batch had. No QM values will be inherited unless they linked to batch (i.e. MIC linked to a class characteristic).

Reply : Subject : How to tranfer inspection results from material to material?


yes, it will be possible in those cases the batch-where-used-list will be extended with the batch history. Check transaction MB56. Enter material, batch and plant (the one you want to issue the CoA) and press top-down. By this you will see the history of the final batch and all other material/batches used to produce the final batch. Check the certificate profile for the correct settings (what's the SAP release you are working with?). Be aware that not all processes create an entry in the Batch-where-used-list, but normal process orders will do as some other processes like UBSD (Transfer order with SD).


Reply : Subject : How to tranfer inspection results from material to material?

What is cutting order?
I checked MB56. It does not show anything either for top down or bottom up....I am getting this message "Top-down expansion is not possible for the batch selected" I used MB57 to build up batch infor too..
Please explain how doing a MB56 will transfer inspection results recorded in the inspection lot ( not in the batch) will be tranferred to the new batch of the new material. Am I missing something?
We are on release 4.6C.

thanks once again

Reply : Subject : How to tranfer inspection results from material to material?


the batch-where-used list will be utilized to track back what batches had been used to produce the actual batch (in case of top-down). Along this path the CoA process can check at each level if there are valid inspection results in prior batches. Example. You produced a batch and made a full check. Then you take the batch and re-pack it, e.g. from a drum into
a bottle. The chemical and pyhscial properities will not change. So you will not re-inspect. At this point it doesmn't matter if you create a new batch number or use the same one, but you might have a different material number for that new product-package-combination.
Now the CoA-process will check at the first level for any valid inspection lots. Nothing found? OK, then the report checks the MB56 and founds the drum material and the inspection results. The valid results as requested in the CoA profile will be drawn. If you have multiple stages in the Batch-where-used list, the CoA process will go back as long as required to find valid results for all MIC's in your CoA profile. You must consider all the QM processes impacting this, like skipped/canceled inspection lots/MIC's and others. But the CoA profile provides controls to restrict the levels you go back, the inspection type and
others. There is also a system status in the inspection lot which can be used to exclude a insp. lot from beeing taken into the evaluation path.

Lets focus again on MB56. This transaction provides a flag to indicate exiting inspection lots per batch. This will be showns by an information 'i' behind the batch- Click on that icon and you will see the inspection lot or a pre-selection list in case there isa more than one inspection lot for that batch. Basically the CoA process is capable to draw results from any stage if there are valid results, to conclude this.

Hope that helps

Reply : Subject : How to tranfer inspection results from material to material?

Point of clarification:

Do you need the results for a CoA? Or for other purposes. If you just need to print them out for a CoA then what QMDude is suggesting should work if your building the Batch where used list correctly and your properly issuing your raw materials to your production PRIOR to needing the results.

If you want to populate the batch values of the finished product so that results are available for selecting the FP material via batch search strategies and such. then you'll need to do some custom programing.

I might suggest incorporating the process in a follow-up action that utilizes the batch-where used list. But to do that you must have real-time or near real-time completion of your production orders. I.e. the issues to the order need to always get done before the UD is done.

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