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Question :-

Please help me to activate info system in QM.

When I want to execute any report in info system,there is a message that no data exist,however there is a data .

Kindly suggest me the solution.

Answer :-

check if you have entries (in 40b):
SPRO > QM > QC > QM-IS > ...

Transaction codes of reports in which "no data exist" message comes are as below.


1) check info-structure behind LIS transaction eg:
>>Other info structure

2) create version for info structure:
SPRO (40b)
>>Logistics Information System (LIS)
>>>Logistics Data Warehouse
>>>>Data Basis
>>>>>>>Setup of Statistical Data
>>>>>>>>Application-Specific Setup of Statistical Data
>>>>>>>>>Perform setup - Quality Management
>>>>>>>>>>Setup: Copy/delete versions (OLIX) (copy version "000" to "&(1")
>>>>>>>>>>>Set up statistics in QM-IS (OLIQ)

3) add user parameter MCR to your user in transaction US3 with "&(1" so that you have the chance to run eg MCXB with a different version other than "000".

obs: just as a test i got a error in my system while running OLIQ but i suppose this is due to the fact that im in 40b in HP1:

"Message no. QG 744: Internal error in READ TABLE subrc = 4 table XMCQALS insp. lot 000000000011"

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