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SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) Hints and Tips

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Many useful SAP SD hints and tips to assist those supporting the SAP Sales and Distribution module.

Table of Contents
Sales Order
Screens in the Sales Documents
Sales Document Type
New Division/Sales Area/Sales Office
Define Account Assignment Group
Block Sales Document Type / Delivery / Billing by Customer
Wrong/duplicate RE Created
Sales Order Item price is grey
Movement type determination and Availability Check
Sales reservation
Sales Order Stock
Analyze the difference between Forecast and Confirm sales orders
Backorder Processing

Customers and Partners
Partner Procedures
One Time Customer
Good Return from Customer

Setting Defaults
Default values for Sales Order by users
Mandatory Order Reason for certain Document Type
4.6x Default Column Sequence for Sales Order
Delivery/Billing Due List - Select/Unselect the Default

Message and Error
Message Control
Missing Export Data

Free Goods
Free Goods Determination

Credit Management
Credit Management SD
Releasing the Credit Block
Useful SAP Credit Management program
Credit Management FI

Mass Print Sales Order