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SAP Functional, ABAP Programming and Basis Components Books

New Division/Sales Area/Sales Office


OVXA - Assign division to sales organization
OVXG - Set up sales area

OVXM - Assign sales office to sales area
e.g  Sales Organization -> Distriubtion Channel -> Division
                                   ->  Sales Office

VOR2 - Define Common Divisions

OVAN - Combine divisions allows you to share sales document type data between different divisions. You define the sales document types in a central division and then use it as a reference division.
For e.g.
Sales Organization     Division      Reference division
       ALL                     01               01
       ALL                     02               01
       ALL                     03               01

OVKK - Define Pricing Procedure Determination
For e.g.
Sales Organization     Distribution Channel     Division    Document Procedure     Pricing Procedure
       ALL                                  01                    01                        A                             1

SM30 Table/View :
V_TSPA             - Define New Division
V_T134G_WS   - Assign Business Area To Plant
V_TVTA_GRE - Define Rules By Sales Area
V_TVTA_KFV - Assign business area by sales area
V_TVAKZ        - Assign sales order types permitted for sales areas

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