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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Analyze the difference between Forecast and Confirm sales orders

MD73 - Display Total Requirements

Enter theMaterial or MRP controller you want to analyze.

Assignment field options :-
1 - If you with to look at how the planned independent requirements have been match to the sales order.  Sales order which
     are over and above that forecasted are not shown.
2 - If you are interested primarily in seeing what sales order are over and above the sales forecast.
3 - If you are interested in seeing all the sales order with indication of whether or not they have been anticipated in the forecast.
4 - If you wish to see all the three reports of the above three options together.
   - Blank if you with to see a complete list of sales order, without any indication of whether they have been anticipated
     in the forecast.

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