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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Free Goods Determination


Not all Sales Order can be used for free goods determination.  You have to check the SD document category if it does not work.  Only category 'C' are supported.  Check transaction VOV8.

Assume that you want to configure an inclusive FREE goods routine.  Customers must order a minumum quantity of 5 before any free goods can be assign.  For every quantity of 3, the customer will be given 1 free goods.

WC07 - Maintain Number Range Intervals
No   From number       To number
01    0000010000         0000099999

IMG -> Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Free Goods ->

Maintain Access Sequences
New Entries



Maintain Condition Types

New Entries

Ctyp   Name             AcSq
FREE  Free Goods    NA00


Maintain Pricing Procedures

New Entries

Procedure   Description
FREE           Free Goods

Select Procedure FREE then click Control data

Step   Cntr   Ctyp
10       10      FREE

V/N6 - Activate Free Goods Determination
Assign Order Type OR with Document Procedure A with Procedure FREE

VBN1 - Create free goods determination

e.g.  FREE inclusive

Material  Min qty   From   are free good   Calc Rule   Free Goods
                       5           3                1                      1                1

In this example, if you create a Sales Order for a quantity of 10, SAP will prompt you 7 as the customer order qty and 3 will be free.  Customer only pay for the 7 quantity.

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