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SAP Billing / SAP Shipping / SAP Pricing and Conditions Hints and Tips

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Table of Contents
SAP Billing represents the final processing stage for a business transaction in Sales and Distribution. Information on billing is available at every stage of order processing and delivery processing.

Payment Terms by Material
Sales Tax Determination
Collective Billing
Create a Collective Billing Spiltting rule
To create a discount on payer level on billing type LR
Difference between Credit memo and subsequent debits/credits

SAP Shipping is an important part of the logistics chain in which guaranteed customer service and distribution planning support play major roles.

Procedures to switched off ATP at delivery
Post goods issue must be done on current period - VA02
Additional fields in worklist for VL06O - List Outbound Delivery
Adding additional fields to Delivery Due List
SAP Spools Configuration for Sales/Distribution
Delivery Output Type Default

Pricing and Conditions
The term pricing is used broadly to describe the calculation of prices (for external use by customers or vendors) and costs (for internal purposes, such as cost accounting). Conditions represent a set of circumstances that apply when a price is calculated. For example, a particular customer orders a certain quantity of a particular product on a certain day. The variable factors here - the customer, the product, the order quantity, the date - determine the final price the customer gets. The information about each of these factors can be stored in the system as master data. This master data is stored in the form of condition records.

Define Condition types
Price with additional decimals
Control Pricing Conditions based on Order Type
Create a New Pricing Conditions Key Combination
Pricing Release Procedures
Delivery Pricing Conditions