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SAP Smartforms Hints and Tips

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SAP Smartforms can be used for creating and maintaining forms for mass printing in SAP Systems. The output medium for Smartforms support printer, fax, e-mail, or the Internet (by using the generated XML output). 

According to SAP, you need neither have any programming knowledge nor use a Script language to adapt standard forms. However, basic ABAP programming skills are required only in special cases (for example, to call a function module you created or for complex and extensive conditions).

Table of Contents
Introduction to SAP SmartForms
SAP Smart Form Process Overview

5 Steps to create a simple SMARTFORMS

Read the abap program in step 5 first to see how the data is begin pass to the internal table.

1. Create a new smartforms
2. Define looping process for internal table
3. Define table in smartforms
4. To display the data in the form
5. Calling SMARTFORMS from your ABAP program

What About SAPscript?
Difference with SMARTFORMS vs. SapScript(SE71)

Form Control
To branch to a new page
Difference between form interface and global definitions
Functional module name of smartform

Additional Fonts for your SMARTFORMS

Smartforms function module not saved in development class

Debug Smartform