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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Daily Checks

When any of the table space hit 100% usage, the SAP server will hang.  Users will get this message when they tried to execute any posting "Update Delay. Please wait."

If the table extent hit 300 (maximum extent), users will not be able to update their data anymore.   Update will be deactivate to prevent any unforeseen data corruption once the maximum extent of 300 is hit.  If you get the message "Update Delay. Please wait.", check SM13 - look at the Info, it should show Update is active.  You should schedule this 2 jobs to be run background on a daily basis.

Temporary, use SAPDBA to extent the table to 350.  SAP have reserved 50 extend for such emergency.  At the end of the day, you have to reorganized the table extent counter to prevent it from hitting the maximum extend.

RSORAT01  - Check Table Space
RSORATC5 - Check Table Extent

From Oracle release 7.3 there is no longer a hard limit for the number of extents of a database object. For performance reasons, SAP recommends that you do not allow the number of extents to become too high. If you find objects with a high number of extents, you can increase the MAXEXTENTS value for the table or index. You should also adjust the storage parameters for the size of the next extent (NEXT). If an object is close to reaching the maximum value allowed by Oracle for MAXEXTENTS, you must reorganize this object. For these operations, use the SAP utility program SAPDBA.

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