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Webmaster Resources for driving traffics

Several years ago, the founder of Wrigley Chewing Gum was on a flight from New York to his home in Chicago. The passenger in the next seat recognized the chewing gum tycoon and asked him a question. "Mr. Wrigley, I know your company enjoys over 90% of the chewing gum market. Yet, last week I read where you are increasing your advertising budget by over 30%. With such a large share of the market, why do you continue to spend so much on advertising? Why not save that money or use it for something else?" Mr. Wrigley replied, "how fast do you think this airplane is flying?" The man answered,"oh, I guess about 600 miles per hour." Mr. Wrigley responded. "I think that's fast enough, don't you?" The man agreed that indeed, it was fast enough. "Well then," asked Mr. Wrigley, "why doesn't the pilot turn off the engines and save all that expensive jet fuel?"

This little story, is to illustrate just how vital a consistent flow of advertising is to any business. It doesn't matter if that business is online or offline. It doesn't matter if that business is a small one-person operated web site like yours or a giant like Mr. Wrigley's. To be successful all businesses must advertise, advertise, advertise. If the advertising is weak, in either quality or quantity, the company's revenue will be weak. You must have well written ads and you must get your message in front of a lot of people. Selling is a numbers game.

The Internet offers a wide array of advertising venues: ezine ads, classified ads,FFA (Free For All) ads, email ads, banner ads and links on other web sites. Many of these venues are free and those that are not, are very inexpensive compared to the cost of offline advertising. By the way, offline advertising for your online business can be very effective, but it is very expensive.

In summation, I leave you with my mantra:

Promote, promote, promote! After you have set up your web site, it is time to makeit work for you. There are various methods of promoting on the internet for free. In fact the more effective methods are free.

Search Engine Rankings

Why are there more and more sites asking for a Reciprocal Link? Especially, FREE url submission sites (they are the search engines professional). Some even insist that you put their link on your site first before any FREE submission. They know that LINK POPULARITY counts in their search engine rankings. If you have not realised the long-term importance of Reciprocal Link on your site, it is still not too late to start doing what the search engine EXPERTS are doing.

Search Engine Optimization with WebPosition Gold

Link Popularity

Link popularity is the total number of web sites that link to your site. Because good link popularity can dramatically increase traffic to your web site. Well placed links are an excellent source of consistent and targeted traffic. And due to recent developments, they can even generate additional search engine traffic to your site. Many of the major search engines now factor Link Popularity into their relevancy algorithms. As a result, increasing the number of links to your site can actually improve your search engine rankings. There is still no one "secret trick" to getting good rankings, but boosting your site's popularity may give it the edge it needs.

The most important step of link popularity is to submit your url to the major Search Engines

Overture Search the Web.
Type it and go!

Links are the second most common way that visitors find your site (search engines are the number one way).These are called Reciprocal Links when you trade a link for a link.

One very important criteria to note about reciprocal links is that the site that have links to you must be relevant to your site. If not, your site will be classify as "spamdexing" and will be removed from the searh engine. The more contents related the better the ranking. Ranking is about quality not quantity.

Guarantee Clicks Network

Browser's Start Page for Traffics

Simply set your browser's start page to point to a special url that they send you when you sign up. That's it. So simple, but so effective. Every time you start your browser, it will load another member's page at random, and your page will be displayed once when other members open their browsers.

To date, this is the favorites choice of many webmasters as you earn guarantee visitors everytime your browsers start.

Browser's Start Page for traffics

Link Wars

Surfing for Traffics

When you browse categories or perform searches on the I Love Clicks Network, your own websitesare excluded from the listing. Each time you click on one of the sites listed, you will earnone credit which you can, in turn, assign to one of your own websites. You can earn up to 120 credits per hour of surfing on the I Love Clicks Network. In order to prevent fraud, you are require to spend at least 30 seconds viewing the sites that you click on to earn credits. If you attempt to view another site before those 30 seconds are up, you will be denied your earned credit for that click.

Surfing for traffics

Traffic Generation! - Get *free* traffic to your Website Guaranteed! Check it out - It's free!

Guarantee Exchange Network

In a Guarantee Exchange Network, your site will pop either behind or after the visitors exitthe owner site. It depends on the type of Network you join.

Exit for Traffics

They have a special JavaScript that directs all visitors leaving your site to someone else's site in the Network just as visitors leaving the site's of other members may be directed to your site.

Exit for traffics

Clicks4U is traffic

Exchange Network

The largest Exchange Network is Banner Exchange as it have a visual impact on the visitors.With animated banners, it attract the visitors attention easily as compare with other kinds of Exchange Network.

The industry standard Banner size is 468 x 60. Research have shown that it has the bestClick Through Rate.

Next is the Text Link Exchange as it can mingle into your site. Many a time, you don't even realise that it is a Text Link Exchange. Give some thought to your short text descriptions and you'll find that the Click Through Rate to your site is simply great.

Exchange Network is a site exchange program.  Webmaster joins their program mainly to maximize their traffics from their site to get free advertising credits.  Exchange Networks are not guarantee hits or traffics generator.  They simply allows webmaster to exchange each other sites to reach a larger Netizens.

You have to decide which one fits better on your site.

If you are a Guarantee Network user, it maximise your surfing effort as your site will gainrotating impression (additional clicks) whenever your web page is being loaded.

Always check your click through statistics. Due to the different web sites that join a Exchange Network, one will give you a higher click through rate than another.

FFA Secrets Revealed

Here is a little known FFA PAGE SECRET! Did you know it is far better to host a FFA PAGEthen post to it?

Let's think about this. When you post to a free-for-all site, you get one line to describe your site mixed in with hundreds of other links. What is worse is that the majority of FFA sites are never seen by most human eyes. In an effort to make better use of your time, most people like yourself are using submission software or services. What you end of with is a mailbox full of confirmation letters and you are probably noticing you are not gettinganywhere with it.

If you host your own FFA page, you will receive hundreds of posts to your page daily. Every time someone posts a link to your page, your confirmation (SALES) message is automatically sent to them.

For a better result, join a FREE FFA networks, that requires people to "validate" their email before they can post. This means a special code is sent to their email along with instructions. If the person was planning on using an autoresponder or a fake email, they will never get the message. This method helps improve the chance of someone actually reading your message.

Be the person who host the FFA page, not the person who post to the FFA page.

Banner Explode

Webmasters!Are you looking for an inexpensive way to increase traffic to your website?How about FREE?If so, you've come to the right place. Join the thousands of webmasters who have participated andgradually watched their site visits SOAR!!Banner explode members receive as many as 105,000 visits per day.

One webmaster from Arkansas received an average of 127,000 visits per day to his personal music homepage!

Another webmaster from South Carolina averaged 158,000 visits per day over a months span to his FreeLinks Page!Free Links pages produce the greatest results because they are mostly visited by webmasters looking toadvertise their site (each time taking a copy of that link site's banner with them to their own site because ofthe system's unique design!)

A florist in Toronto increased their sales by 200% in 3 months time after joining the Banner ExplodeSystem.

The System is very simple which is why it produces such great results. This is free and open to all sites,profit or not. By Displaying a total of 5 banners on your web page, in a few months you will have your banner displayed on a minimum of 168,421 web pages!

Banners Explode

How To Get 168,421 Hits To Your Site a Day For Free!

Vote for Top Site List

Give your visitors a reason to come back by providing a place for them to add their url and advertise for free. This Vote for Top Site List have become quite popular with many webmaster asit is a wins-wins formula.

Top Site List

Join the top sites if you haven't, have fun voting!

Reciprocal Link Outsourcing

Reciprocal Link Outsourcing is the easiest method use by webmasters to increase their link popularity.As members, all they need to do is to upload the links files every month to their own server. Webmastersdoes not have to surf around hunting for links. They are also known as the last links because members always put these links at the bottom of their sites.

However, many Reciprocal Links website have closed down because many Search Enginees are against this kind of linking as it can overload their database. Imagine every websites having thousands of links.

If you have joined one, you had better removed it before the Search Enginees remove your site from their database.

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