ABAP/4 Programming Hints and Tips

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ABAP/4 stands for Advanced Business Application Programming is the programming language used for the thousand of tiny embedded programs called transactions that make up the SAP application. 

Table of Contents

ABAP/4 Editor - Introduction
ABAP Debugger
ABAP program calling another ABAP program
ABAP Program Authorization
ABAP Program run in background
ABAP Text String Finder in program source code
ABAP Report Page Number
Comparing two ABAP Program

ABAP Dictionary
Internal Tables
Dynamic structure
Download Structure from SAP to MS-ACCESS

Background Jobs
Prevent user from submitting the same jobname ZXXX twice
Force user to run program in Background

ABAP Message and User exits
User Exits Routine
Field Exits

Executing Unix command from ABAP

Calculate begining of previous to end of previous month
OY05 - Maintain the Factory Calendar
To find out the Previous Saturday for a given date

Batch Input Program

General ABAP samples
Search data in Select-Options
Write - To Bold or not to bold for laser printer
Convert minus sign to the left
Left Column Scroll Lock just like Excel
End of page Routine
Lock/Unlock the ABAP Editor Lock Field
Copy the current Client password to the rest of the Client
Write SAP ICONS on your reports
Extract the Producton Order System Status
Purchase Order Condition Records
Hiding ABAP Source code