SAP BC (Basis Components) Hints and Tips

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The SAP BC (Basis Components) is the root of the SAP Applications ERP software.   It  provides the runtime environment for the rest of the R/3 Applications.  It ensures that applications are optimally integrated in the system environment.  The SAP Basis Components contains powerful tools such as CCMS (Computing Center Management System) for easy system administration. It is also provides the interfaces to the distribute system components and third-pary vendors (EDI, RFC etc.).

Table of Contents

Authorization, Profiles, Address
Transaction RZ10 - EditProfiles

Transaction Variants
Parameter transaction for SM30
Variants Protection/Fix

SAP Client Copy
Client Copy with only user master and roles
Copy table contents

Unix Command
Run UNIX script from SAP ABAP
Unix Network Printer
Unix Print Spooler
Unix command to start/stopSAP
Unix command to start saprouter
Unix SAP Internet Mail Gateway
Search for a file in Unix
Unix Oracle unlock/lock all users
Unix auto batch file

SAPGUI Related
Adding text to the logon screen
Change the SAP Logo and direct connection using SAPGUI
Activate/Deactivate GuiXT
Automatic installations of SAP
Remove Multiple Login for a User
Remove the password change option

Lock Entries - (Mass Users Lock in 4.6x)
Users Last Login
Logging Off Inactive Users

ABAP Basis Control
Limits the number of login sessions per user
Easy Mass Maintain of display, locking and deleting users