SAP FI (Financial Accounting) Hints and Tips

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Useful SAP FI hints and tips to help those supporting the SAP Financial Accounting modules.

Table of Contents

General Ledger
FI Validations
Functional Areas

Company Code/Business Area
Add a new company code to the existing system
Changing Company Code
Business Area
Substitution of business area
Creating accounts in another company code

FI Period
OB52 - Opening and closing the period for posting
Check whether FI period opened or not
FB02   FB03 - Change/Display Financial Accounting documents
Define Number Range and Document Types
FBL3 - Display G/L Account Line items
Maintains fields for G/L account in line items level
Fast entry screens
Posting keys Configuration
Intercompany Postings
Tolerance posting for users posting accounting documents
Automatic account determination
Tax Automatic Account Assignment
Copy G/L Accounts Master records from one client to another
FS10 - Account Display Balances
Account Group
Retained Earnings Accounts

Balance Sheet
Additional Financial Statement Version
Balance Sheet and P&L Statement at Plant Level

Tax Procedures

Message Control
Message Control for Warnings or Error

Define more than one reconciliation account for one customer or vendor

Uploading Data
Uploading Accounting Entries and Clearing Open items