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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Credit Management FI


OB45 - Maintain Credit Control Area
A company code can be assigned to one credit control area.  However, a credit control area can be assigned to more than one company code.

OB38 - Assign Company Code to Credit Control Area.
If your company have different business area, you can assign each with a Credit Control Area.  e.g.  0001 for BA-A, 0002 for BA-B, 0003 for BA-C etc.  In this case, the same customer master code can have different credit limits for the different Business Area.

OB01 - Define Credit Risk Categories.

OB02 - Define Account Clerk Groups

OB51 - Define Credit Representatives

OB39 - Define Intervals for Days in Arrears for Credit Management

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