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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Transfer PDC Data

Run program ZPHYEXP1 to download ZBISEG to the dataset.
Run program ZPHYEXP2 to view the dataset.

Run reports  ZPHYLIST  to check the Physical Inventory ( counted and after post difference ).

This standard SAP program are for those who want to upload the physical inventory data from dataset to a sequential file.

First, you must upload the file to the Application Server.
MIMD ( RM07IMDE ) - Report For Transferring PDC Phys. Inv. Data

Next, you create the batch session to transfer the counted data into ISEG.  The count flag in ISEG will be set as 'X'.
MI34 ( RM07II34 ) - Batch Input: Enter Count with Reference to Document

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