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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

UB - Internal Purchase Order

Internal Purchase Order is known as Stock Transport Order in SAP.  It is use when a company have multiple plants which purchase from each other.

1.  Buying Plant create Purchase Order Type UB directly from ME21N or convert from MD04 during MRP run.

2.  A requirement will be prompt by MRP in Selling Plant.

3.  If there available stocks, Selling Plant will trasferred it to the designated storage location before Buying Plant can do a

     SAP Postings in 4.6x :-
     Selling Plant Transfer via transaction code MB1B movement type 351 to transfer storage location.
     Receiving Plant recieve it via transaction code MIGO_GR movement 101 transfer storage location.

     351 - Transfer Posting by Selling Plant
     MM documents
     Stocks move from Selling Plant unrestricted to Buying Plants transfer in MMBE
     In MMBE, double click Buying Plant and check the field stock in transit to check the stocks that were being transfer from
     the Selling Plant

     FI documents
     Debit     Buying Plant Inventory           999
     Credit    Selling Plant Inventory          -999

     101 - Goods Receipts by Buying Plant
     MM documents
     Stocks move from Buying Plant transfer to Buying Plant unrestricted in MMBE

     No FI documents

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