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SAP Functional, Basis Components and ABAP Programming Books

Work Center (CR01 - Create, CR02 - Change, CR03 - Display)

Using the data maintained for a work center, you can

OP42 - Configure the default value for Work Center during the initial creation.

After creating many work center in the Routing, the users might want to check what materials and components allocation have been updated with this work center.  You can used this program Work Center in Routing - Search through all the routing for the material and component allocation used.

The standard program transaction CA80, checks where the work center was used in the routing.  However, it did not list the components allocation for the work center.

Pooled Capacity field - When a production order 1234567 has the capacity requirement on its work center Wxxxxx. It means it has the requirement on pooled capacity Pxxxxx.  If more than one work center shared this pooled capacity, the requirement (transaction CM01) will be shown on all the work center with the SAME shared pooled capacity.

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