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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Print Shop Papers - Configure new / existing SAP Printers

SAP control the printing of shop floor papers by SAP users name.

Do not be alarm if you get an error message stating that the print form was not found.  The SAP users name have not been configure to print the shop floor papers.

If you want to use a new shop floor papers you first have to design a new :-

1.  Layout set
     Copy the standard layout set as a reference (for example PSFC_STD_LAYOUT) to a e.g. ZPSFC_STD_LAY01.

2.  Write a new print report
     Copy the print program that belongs to the standard layout set (for example, PSFCCONF) to a e.g ZPSFCCONF01.

Steps to configure the Print Shop Papers :-

Transaction OPK8

To add-in an additional users to print the shop papers :-

Click the Spool parameters for user

To modify the existing Layout sets :-

Click the Reference Order Type

To modify the existing Program control for the Layout sets :-

Click the Reference Order Type

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