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Change Production Order - CO02

Msg C7038 - Schedule conflict:Constraint is too late

In the order XXXXXX the operation 80 and 90 are partially confirmed with the following actual date:

Operation 80 actual start: 24.07.XXXX     21:39.23
Operation 90 actual start: 26.07.XXXX      07:22.15

For the partiall confirmed operation, the remaining duration is scheduled after the confirmed atual date. This mean, that the program schedule for the operations 80 and 90 forward, even though "backward- scheduling" is set for the order.

The program calculate that the operation should finish at 26.07.XXXX  12:35.49, it is greater than the actual start date of the
operation 90  26.07.XXXX 07:22.15. And the operation 90 is the successor of the operation 80. So is the actual date of the operation 80 (24.07.XXXX 21:39.23) too late, this constraint is the cause of the conflict.

You can set the scheduling indicator "shift order", and you can get rid of this problem.

CO02 - Order -> Settings - Scheduling parameters -> Tick Shift order

Default for all newly created orders. (Plant dependant)
OPU3 - Define Scheduling Parameters for Production Orders.

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