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Connecting the planning calendar to your lot size key

First, you will need to set up the planning calendar.

Menu path: Production -> MRP -> Master Data -> Planning Calendar (MD25)

You will then need to use this planning calendar (the one you created) in the material master when planning your raw materials (MRP2 View in 4.6C - Field name : Planning Calendar).

1. When you maintain the planning calendar you will need to enter a valid from date and valid to date.

2. Your periods will also need to be set up and they will be weekly, for example:
    From Date : 11/23/2001    To Date : 11/29/2001   (11/23 is a Friday, this is your from date).
    Do this for as may weeks as you wish (say weekly for 2 years).

3. When you have set up the planning calendar, you will then need to make some changes to the weekly lot size configuration
    (WB), or you may need to create a new lot size key if you do not want to change 'WB'. Essentially, you will need to use the
    following in the lot size configuration (OMI4) :

    No. of Periods : 1
    LotSizeProced.: P
    LotSize ind : K
    Scheduling : 1

By using the above, you are connecting the planning calendar to your lot size key.

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