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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

SAP SD Credit Management

All business have their own credit management needs, SAP allows you to specify your own automatic credit checks based on a variety of criteria.  You can also specify at which critical points in the sales and distribution cycle the system carries out these checks.

SM30 - Table/View

OVXG - Set up Sales Areas
e.g.  Sales Organization
                  Distribution Channel
                  Distribution Channel

FD32 - Customer Credit Management

OVAK - Define credit limit check by sales document type

VKM1 - Blocked SD Documents - Finance have to released the delivery block

OVAD - Define credit limit check by delivery order

OVA7 - Define credit limit check by item category OVA6 - Define credit group. You can groups together different business transactions which should be dealt with in the same manner with regard to the credit check.
You enter the credit groups when you configure the sales document types for credit management and define the (D - automatic credit check). OVA8 - Automatic credit control - Double click on the line items

You can have the followings credit limit check :-

VOKR - Display of work list for credit management (configure the display variant)

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