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Missing Export Data

In 4.6c, if the user is unable to release an invoice to accounting but get the error message "Missing export data".  A new module Foreign Trade/Customs have been included with a default checking for Incomple Data.

You can disable the default checking with the followings steps :-

1) Setup Incompletion Schemas for both the Header and Item. (transaction VI29). It is here that you define what fields should be populated as part of the Foreign Trade check in billing. The default has three fields. You only need to created new ones with only one field, and set that field's incompletion control check to inactive. Setting up the Export/Dispatch setting will do the trick.

2) For each country from which you ship goods, assign the incompletion schemas to that country under the Export/Dispatch
setting.  VI49 - Foreign Trade Data in MM and SD Documents.

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