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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

SAP Smart Form Process Overview

The basic structure of SAP Smart Forms consists of the Smart Form Builder, the Smart Form print form template (which you create or is given to you as a preconfigured starting point), the Smart Form function module, and the Smart Form print program (also described as a driver program).

The Smart Form print programs are not the same as SAPScript programs, and you cannot use a SAPScript print program with a Smart Form print form.

Programming Flow

When an SAP Smart Form template is created, a user creates the form layout, defines the required fields, conditions, and special programming instructions in the Smart Form template using the Smart Form Builder.

After the form design is complete, the form needs to be activated before it can be tested or accessible by print programs. Activating the form initiates the generation of a function module that handles all of the formís processing.

This function module interacts with the application program and print program to create the output
in the user-defined output media for the specified device.

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