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Question : Subject :  Functional module name of smartform

I have created a smartform and generated it.

what will be the name of the Functional module?
how to use it in abap ?

It is urgent pl.

Answers : Subject :  Functional module name of smartform


Once you have activated the smartform, go to the environment->function module name. There you
can get the name of funtion module name.


Answers : Subject :  Functional module name of smartform

I'm not sure you even have to know the exact name of the FM.

The key thing is the program that calls it. for instance, the invoice SMARTFORM LB_BIL_INVOICE is
ran by the program RLB_INVOICE.

This program uses another FM to determine the name of the FM to use itself. The key thing is that
when it calls this FM (using a variable to store the actual name), that the parameters match the
paramters in your smartform.

Answers : Subject :  Functional module name of smartform

Yep Innocent.

thats right.

Another thing to note is that the FM name will change wherever the SF is transported to.

So u need to use the FM to determin the name of the SF.

Answers : Subject :  Functional module name of smartform

Here is code i use to determine the internal name of the function module:


if sf_label(1) <> '/'.    " need to resolve by name

   move sf_label to externalname.
   call function 'SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME'
           formname           = externalname
           fm_name            = internalname
           no_form            = 1
           no_function_module = 2
        others             = 3.

   if sy-subrc <> 0.
      message 'e427'.

   move internalname to sf_label.

it checks to see if the sf_label starts with a '/', which is how the internal names start. if it does, the
name has already been converted. If not, it calls the FM and converts the name.

you would then CALL FUNCTION sf_label.

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