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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Sales Tax Determination

OBQ1 - Maintain/Create Condition Type

OBQ3 - Tax Pricing Procedures

OBQ2 - Tax Access Sequences

OBBG - Assign Tax Country to calculation procedure

OVK3 - Define the Customer Tax category

OVK4 - Define the Material Tax category

OVK1 - Define Tax determaintion rules

OVK6 - Assign delivery plants for Tax determination (locally which Tax country category to use)

VK13 - Maintain Tax Condition Rate (e.g. 1%, 2% etc...) by Tax Country

SM31 - Table View  V_T001  - Maintain default country, currency for Company Code.

Material and Customer Tax Master Maintenance must be equal
e.g. 0 = tax    1 = no tax     both Material and Customer master must be        1       and      1

Search for the Tax Classification field
MM02 - Sales Organization data
XD02 - Tick Billing

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