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SAP Functional, Basis Components, and ABAP Programming Books

Pricing Release Procedures


Define Processing Status - SM30 -> V_T686E

You are free to design your own processing status flow.
e.g. from 01 -> 02 or
      from 01 -> 02 -> 03

To convert the old Pricing Condition with the release status use program SD_MOVE_A004_TO_A304.
For the standard tables, the following pairs of condition tables are intended to be used:
 'old'    <-->  'new'         VAKEY fields
 A004  <-->  A304        VKORG + VTWEG + MATNR
 A005  <-->  A305        VKORG + VTWEG + KUNNR + MATNR
 A006  <-->  A306        VKORG + VTWEG + PLTYP + WAERK + MATNR
 A007  <-->  A307        VKORG + VTWEG + (SPART) + KUNNR

For example, if you are using A005 --> A305, you have to copy the program to ZSD_MOVE_A005_TO_A305 and amend the program Source and Target table.

First test run by ticking both option.  If you confirm that there are no errors, then run by unticking both options.

Be careful while executing the conversion program as it can erase all your existing pricing condition data.

Once the conversion is completed, you can activate the Customer/Material with release status :-

IMG -> Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Pricing -> Pricing Control -> Define Access Sequences -> Maintain Access Sequences

In VK12, you will be able to choose the new Customer/Material with the release status column per material.

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